Day one. Sunday 5th April 2015

So, after 9 months of hard training, a broken arm and few other sore hips, knees and toes, the first day of reckoning arrives. With my tent mates, Adam, Mark, Simon, Patrick, Ian, Trevor and Claire we are all ready. All first timers we have no idea what really lies ahead!



Stage one, a 36km trek over what was described as some of the more forgiving terrain. I had no idea what to really expect other than I knew it would be hot, hot, hot! The plan was simple – take each check point (roughly 12 km apart) one at a time. Run to my own pace, keep my heart rate within my strong zone of between 130 – 140 beats per minute and frankly just see how it goes! Simple, possibly naive!


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The night before…

… The agony starts, still calm settles over the camp. There was a lot of nervous anticipation!


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Last years champion…

… Busy doing his rounds with the press on the night before D-Day. It’s simply amazing now to appreciate just how hard and fast these top guys and girls are over such a demanding terrain. They simply never stop!


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The crew

…. In the tent. 


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Home in the desert

First day in the desert and already at 10.39 it’s up to about 40 degrees. Incredibly beautiful scenery. 8 of us per tent. 

First nights sleep not too bad. Annoyingly kept awake by the locals sat on the outside of the camp all night. At least it wasn’t cold. In fact not sure why I have a sleeping bag rated to -13 degrees!!

Spent the morning packing and re-packing as I have clearly brought far too much food!!! Bag now down to 8.8kgs on the back and another 1.8kgs on the front!

Sitting around now awaiting for the accreditation. 


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